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Birmingham City Council
Regulation Division

Dear Mr Tai

I write to thank you for the excellent course on 02 April at Markazi Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadith Mosque, Birmingham regarding an introduction to Islam and the Muslim Culture. 

Everyone found the course both informative and enlightening. All topics were explained very well and the presentation was well planned.

May I take his opportunity of expressing my gratitude for allowing us the privilege of seeing the Mosque and allowing us to observe many people called to prayer. 

I would recommend this course to anyone who works with members of the Muslim Community and for staff in front line public services. The handouts and English version of the Quran, together with the illustrated guide to understanding Islam will be useful reference material.

I would urge you to repeat the course in Birmingham and offer my best wishes for future events. 

Yours sincerely

P A Barrow
Acting Head of Licensing and Support