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Dear Mr Tai,



I attended the course mentioned above at Edinburgh Mosque on 7 Dec last. 

As recorded in the evaluation sheet at the time, I personally found the entire course very informative. I was ignorant of Islamic matters and curious to know more.  However, for me the course turned out to be as much of an experience as a learning forum – especially the visit to the Mosque prayer hall, both before (when you discussed practices and building features in such detail) and during mid-day prayers. 


The Handout you supplied has been useful since, and having to complete the questionnaire at the beginning of the course was a telling way of identifying – in my case – the limited extent of my knowledge and misconceptions.  I found your often mentioning the distinction between Muslim cultural practice and Islamic principle a valuable reminder.   

I appreciated the opportunity to ask questions, however naïve.  The range of questions from participants was amazing. 

I do hope many others have the opportunity of attending a course such as yours.  It seemed to me that it promoted enlightenment – which can only be to the benefit of us all. 


These are of course my personal comments but I have let my superiors know how valuable I thought my attending the course was for me as an employee.  

Yours sincerely,

Solicitor to QLTR