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Kaushar Tai                                                                            
K. Tai Associates            
5 Selbourne Drive
West Yorkshire
WF12 9PB                                                                                                

Dear Kaushar,

RE:  Introduction to Islam and the Muslim Culture Course

Thank you for inviting myself and colleagues to the above course.  I thoroughly enjoyed the day, which was extremely well organised and informative.

Before the course, I thought that I had a general awareness of Islam, but soon discovered that I knew very little.  This course really filled in a lot of the gaps, and was extremely interesting.  The visit to the Mosque and sitting in on the prayer meeting was especially enlightening, and the hand outs and literature provided were excellent, (as was the lunch – definitely to be recommended!)

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who works with Muslim communities, and who wants to increase their knowledge about Islam.


Yours sincerely,

Eileen Worrow
Race Policy Adviser
Diversity & Equality Division.
Department for Work and Pensions