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Corporate Human Resource Service

 Jon Prashar
Head of Diversity
Room 30/31
2nd Floor
Estate Buildings
Railway Street

 Tel: 01484 416498
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Kaushar Tai
64 Bradford Road
West Yorkshire
WF13 2DU

Dear Kaushar

Islamic Awareness Training – Wednesday 11th May 2005 Dewsbury

I very much enjoyed the full days awareness raising, the course had an excellent balance between interaction, discussion observation and sharing ideas views and cultures.

I believe the style that you took to this training was excellent and this type of knowledge is particularly relevant to those working with young people in our schools and communities.

I particularly welcomed the woman’s perspective from Tamveer who gave us some interesting insights some useful perspectives and also dealt with some questions very comprehensively and clearly.

On a personal note, I felt welcomed to the event the was welcomed, this was initially a worry for me.

As far as access to information is concerned I was very pleased with the way in which you ran the programme the presentations and materials were accessible to me, and they were comprehensive and they were also written in plain language.

Once again thanks for the opportunity and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Yours sincerely

Jon Prashar
Head of Diversity