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Robina Begum Sellwood
Equality and Diversity Advisor Patient Partnership ServicesTrust HQ, Cobbett House Manchester Royal Infirmary, Oxford Road. M13 9WL Tel: 0161 276-5651

Dear Sir /Madam

I attended the Islamic course on the 5th September 2005 in West Didsbury. Having been raised in a Muslim home where culture and religion is sometimes spoken as one and the same and key messages of culture are sometimes confused with religion.  I found the course not only from a professional but personal point of view helped to clarify simply religion and bought added value to the variation in practice and observance, between not only cultures but schools of thought.

The course provided historical and political context and underlined implications of changes and observance of practice without diluting Islam as away of life.

I found the course not only stimulating for me but challenged and busted some myths amongst my professional colleagues. I think the quiz should be offered more widely outside of the course, a very valuable tool indeed.

Finally, I would like to add I am not an orthodoxy Muslim, but I found great value in the day. I wanted establish the appropriateness of the course in sticking to and not confusing religion and culture. Your two course presenters on the day and the Director of the Islamic Centre in West Didsbury should know that they are making a difference in asserting the balance that has tipped the scales of opinion through media coverage of late in a direction that confuses the public of what Islam actually is about.

I hope to put to practice and would like to strengthen what we here at the Central Manchester and Manchester Children’s University Hospital can do support Religion and Belief of our patients whilst in hospital. To this end I will strive to reflect the key messages form the course in to a policy I am working up, with our Chaplain Service.


Yours Sincerely

Robina Selwood