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Dear Sue,
I thought I would write a short letter to thank you so much for making the
introduction to Islam course possible.I have developed an interest in Islamic
culture over the last few years as I have worked closely with two Muslim families
who came forward to be assessed as adoptive parents.
Through this work I have researched a lot about the culture
and beliefs of the families I worked with, however the course has brought a much
better understanding to me of the differences between culture and belief, and I
feel this will greatly benefit my future practice as a Social worker.
I felt greatly honoured to be able to sit in the Mosque and experience others
worship, and again, having the opportunity to experience something like this is
a great benefit to my development and understanding as a Social worker.
In these troubled times, I was so grateful to Kaushar for the way he
presented the course, and he let people ask some difficult questions whilst
making them feel at ease.  As workers, we often find ourselves speaking to people
who have little understanding of the Muslim faith, and are too quick to point the
finger and generalise about Islam.

I will find it much easier to challenge, and discuss the difference between
Fundamentalism and extremism in Islam and hopefully educate people myself as to the
peaceful and welcoming faith that Islam is to its many millions of believers.
I thought the course was really informative, and cannot think of anything to
improve it.

Thank you again
Pete Richards
North Tyneside Council
Children’s Services Adoption team