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Dear Sue
Further to your email of the 22nd July, I am writing to express my thoughts on the introduction to Islam and the Muslim Culture Course held last Wednesday at the central Mosque in Newcastle.

Having little knowledge of Islam or the Muslim culture I found the day extremely useful and interesting. Part of my role within the Diversity Unit at Northumbria Police involves writing our Race Equality Scheme and advising on areas of diversity. I was therefore surprised to find that I knew so little about the subjects under discussion and that what I did know was sometimes incorrect, or inaccurate.

The information I gained from the course will prove very useful when considering the impact of police policies and practices on the Muslim community. I am in a much more empathetic  position to judge how well our police service caters for Muslims and followers of the Islamic faith with its policies, procedures and guidance and am certainly better equipped to advise officers and staff regarding etiquette and best practice.

I think that the course could cover areas of best practice surrounding consultation with the Muslim communities, as public authorities are required to carry out consultations before making decisions that may affect the public.

I hope this helps you to develop your courses further and wish you luck for the future.

Sincerely yours,

Alan Clement

Equality Scheme Co-ordinator

Diversity Unit- Northumbria Police