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Dear Kaushar                                                               

Introduction to Islam and Muslim Culture Course

I attended the Peterborough course.  Beforehand I was sceptical about how much could be gained from an introductory course.  I've had no recent training on these issues and wasn't sure this was the best place to start.  I was pleased to find the day was challenging but worth the effort.

I work in a local authority Children's Services department serving a diverse and growing urban/suburban population.  Muslim service users are sometimes mishandled by managers (like me) keen to not to give offence, but who cause delay and confusion rather than give practical messages based on enough basic information.

This introductory course 'does what it says on the tin'.  Non-Muslim belief and culture is riddled with misconceptions and fears about Islam.  However, the cultures we share are enriched by their diversity.  We need to understand each other more.  The economy would collapse without its diverse workforce.  I thought of Islam as 'different', and learnt that Muslim prayer worship and belief is interwoven with the angels and prophets it shares with Christianity.  Muslim women's experience is also changing at this time, giving this whole topic a new dimension as the Muslim population enters its third generation in communities across the UK.

 If your service needs to be informed about Islam and the ways of life of your Muslim service users this straight forward and provocative course is for you and your team.

thank you


Neil Maxwell Complaints Manager - Social Care
Partnership and Community Development
Bayard Place Peterborough PE1 1FB