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Dear Kaushar

Just a short note to compliment you on the composition and delivery of your Introduction to Islam and Muslim Culture Course which I attended yesterday at the Industry Road Mosque, Sheffield.   Whilst the subject matter is enormous, I thought your selection of topics and issues gave me a fundamental understanding of the principles of Islam and a start in disentangling religious beliefs from cultural practices.

I can honestly say that of all the one-day courses I have attended, I took away as much, if not more, learning from your course than from many, costing up to four times the delegate fee.  To the extent that one can put a value on learning then your course is very good value for money.

In terms of relevance to my role, the course was highly relevant to my role of Racist Incident Co-ordinator especially at this time of international tensions.  It should also be said, that as far as I am aware, it is the only course of this nature available in the area at this time – which is perhaps another issue worthy of discussion when most people get their knowledge of Islam through tabloid headlines.

Thank you for arranging the course and for giving my colleagues and me the opportunity to broaden our horizons.


Best Regards.

Andy Christian,

Racist Incident Co-ordinator