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Deighton & East Fartown
Ingfield Enterprise Centre, Cherry Nook Road,
Deighton, Huddersfield. HD2 1JD
01484 544984

Dear Kaushar

Islamic Awareness Training

On behalf of the staff of Deighton & East Fartown Sure Start Programme, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a very useful training day at Hopwood Road Mosque.

It was refreshing to be able to have a clear distinction made between culture and Islam in a sensitive and practical way.

All the staff that attended the day have maintained their initial reflective thoughts about the training as being extremely positive – applicable for their own knowledge and understanding and their ability to use this in their day to day lives.

The breadth of information, setting and the people involved were hospitable, approachable and most helpful.

The supporting information pack is one of the most practical and easy to use reference documents I have ever seen.

I have shared this information pack with a few of my Muslim colleagues and they too have complemented you on the style and content.

I cannot thin of any one who I would not highly recommend your course to, and look forward to speaking to you soon about some ideas that I have had from the day.

Yours Sincerely,

Denise Campbell
Programme Manager