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Dear Sue

The Islamic Awareness course that I attended on 12 July at the Manchester Islamic Centre & Mosque was excellent.

The opportunity to be educated about Islam by people with such expertise and knowledge really helped me to take in  how important a role the Islamic faith has on Muslims in their every day life......I learnt for example that 'muslim is the person that follows the faith'.

There was plenty of opportunity for questions and answers throughout the day and it was a privilege to be able to go in to the Mosque as well as observe the lunch time prayers.

I think the point that came across to me throughout the day is the amount of Islamic scaremongering the press and media do.......which can and does give people a confused and negative view of Islam.

The information booklet 'Education Islam' serves as an ongoing credible reference point.

I would highly recommend this course for all, but in context certainly for local government officers, as we reach out to serve all of the community, we must learn to respect and understand differing cultures that ultimately do enrich our society.

Oh by the way......a wonderful 'halal' lunch as well.

Anne Tober
Disability Project Team